SCIF Secure Area Detection

ProScreen 500 is designed to quickly and effectively detect phones, recording devices, fitness trackers and other electronics, on or in a person, and regardless of whether the electronic device is on or off.

With the following attributes, it’s the perfect screening device to maintain DSS standards for keeping electronics out of your secure areas.

  • Advanced Ferromagnetic detection: far superior to traditional ‘walk-through’ and hand wand detectors, with the same level of effectiveness as X-ray and body scanners at a fraction of the cost.
  • Zero emissions: can safely screen anyone, including pregnant women and people with implanted medical devices
  • Portable: a 20 lb. device that can be moved throughout your facility
  • Flexible deployment: runs 12-16 hour on internal battery, or 24/7 on AC power
  • Zero Calibration: never needs to be calibrated or adjusted
  • Integration Ready: three dry contact outputs for seamless integration into any existing electronic security platforms, including but not limited to: PSIM, video servers, DVRs/NVRs, access control and intrusion detection.

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