Robust Electrical and Energy Management Solutions

American Automation provides turnkey sustainable building and electrical energy management solutions, automating and scheduling usage of services to better manage energy for value and efficiency. Our service is designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients, and provides a complete set of infrastructure support.

Reducing Energy Costs in Federal Facilities

American Automation Energy Management Solutions are designed to reduce energy costs, using integrated lighting solutions, daylight harvesting, and demand response technologies. These solutions strategically integrated into security to take advantage of controls, sensors and software. We specialize in the energy management of mission support facilities headquarter facilities, and SCIF Integration.

Our 5 Steps to Building Energy Efficiency are Based on 2005 and 2007 Congress Energy Acts

1. Preliminary Feasibility Audits: American Automation Building Solutions visits the site to evaluate Energy Conservati
on Measures based on the potential scope of savings, costs, and basic design parameters for the lighting system.
2. Detailed Construction Grade Lighting Audits: Upon approval to proceed with an energy savings project, American Automation Building Solutions will count every lamp, ballast, lighting fixture and exit sign in the facility.
3. Proposals and Reports: American Automation Building Solutions provides firm budget costs, energy savings, maintenance savings, and rebate values for the proposed Energy Conservation Measures. We also show you the environmental benefits and sustainability factors of the proposed lighting system.
4. Total Turnkey Responsibility: American Automation Building Solutions manages all aspects of the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the lighting project.
5. Certifications and Rebates: The new lighting system upgrade we offer, qualify for LEED Certification, Energy Performance Service Contracts and Advance High Performance Rebates these can add up to a large portion of the total project cost being offset if not paid for. American Automation can facilitate these programs.

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