Safeguarding Infrastructure Assets for Commercial Businesses

American Automation provides customized physical security solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients. Our solutions focus on Building Access and Perimeter Control. These services include but are not limited to
• Security Guard Services
• Perimeter Patrols
• Access/Entry Control Personnel
• 24/7 On-Site Operations
• Facilities Security Officer (FSO)
• Security Policy Management
• Detailed Reporting System
• Badge Management
• Metal Detection Systems and Scanner Operations Available

Integrated Physical Security Solutions

American Automation provides integrated physical security in the form of access control, intrusion detection, protected data systems detection, perimeter detection (FOIDS, GBR, Microwave and more), Non Lethal Detection (Electrified Perimeters), Surveillance (IP Based Wireless Mesh and Fiber Optic Solutions), and Remote Controlled Air Surveillance/Micro Air Vehicle (MAV).

Comprehensive Security Solution
Our physical security solutions are completely turnkey, from assessment, to design and engineering, to implementation and eventually quality assurance. We provide emergency repair, maintenance, standards consulting, and help desk support.

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