Commercial Energy Management Solutions

American Automation provides electrical energy management solutions, and sustainable building solutions customized specifically to meet the individual needs of your business. Our commercial energy management solutions are completely turn-key, and provide a complete set of infrastructure support.

Reducing Energy Costs in Commercial Facilities

American Automation Energy Management Solutions are designed to reduce energy costs, using integrated lighting controls, daylight harvesting, demand response technologies and lighting control systems. These solutions strategically integrated into security to take advantage of controls and sensors. We specialize in the energy management of Commercial and Medical Facilities.

Building Energy Efficiency in 5 Steps

1. Preliminary Feasibility Audits: American Automation will visit your business site and evaluate Energy Conservation Measures based on, the potential scope of savings, and basic design parameters for the lighting system.
2. Construction Grade Lighting Audits: American Automation will then provide a detailed audit to kick off the energy savings project. This includes counting every lamp, ballast, exit sign, and lighting fixture in the facility.
3. Proposals & Reports: American Automation provides energy savings, maintenance savings, rebate values, and firm budget costs for the proposed Energy Conservation Measures. We also demonstrate the environmental benefits and sustainability factors of the proposed lighting system.
4. Total Turnkey Responsibility: American Automation manages all aspects of the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the lighting project.
5. Certifications and Rebates: We offer EPAct tax deduction certifications with the new lighting system upgrade that can add up to a large portion of the total project cost. Our systems also help qualify for LEED silver and platinum energy credits. American Automation also applies for the utility rebate check and pays it directly to the customer. In the case of large campuses and facilities American Automation can facilitate and co design “ Energy Performance Service Contracts” which offer the campus or municipality no out of pocket cost for the energy efficient retrofit.

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