Denver Union Station: Colorado’s New Great Lady of the West !

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The Denver Union Station Gala began the great celebration May 9, 2014  for Colorado and the Nation to celebrate this Iconic Jewel that is the newest for Denver and the State of Colorado. Denver Union Station —  the Country’s new Billion dollar investment to move Transportation forward in the 21st Millineum. It was our time to celebrate and shine with the entire RTD team!  We wil always have pride in the comtributions that American Automation made to the success of the New Great Lady of the West!

American Automation participated in the great Gala, as well as the community celebration that was held on May 9, 2014.

The Gala, was a behind the scenes look at the Union Station facility where community leaders and dignataries had a chance to rub elbows to celebrate the aupicious event.  Lisa Buckley, CEO of American Autoamtion dined amoung the 1000+ attendees and had a front row seat with such dignataries as Phil Washington, GM of RTD; and Cal Marsales, former GM of RTD, as well as Frantk T. Martin, Executive with Pond &  Company. ” I hate to date myself, but I was at teh Gala for Denver International Airport. Just as that is a iconic represtnation of innovation and the great west, I think that Denver Union Station will rise to the same level. I can’t wait to take my kids on a great train ride!”

The leadership of Colorado is to be commended on this great feat that was 30 years in the making.  And, American Automation did our fair share at the celebration events. participating in both the Gala and Community Celebration.

Our great security team, led by Marvin Williams and Mark Manno has led our security officers to protect the construction site at Union Station since June 2009.  ” Mr. Williams and Mr. Manno, have exemplified great leadership, tenacity, and commitment in protecting the Union Station site.  It was a true honor to see them work, and bring this project to closure, ” stated Company President, Ishmail Buckley.

American Automation participated in the community trade fair showing the many product offerings of American Automation.  “There were well over 10,000 people who came through the community fair to celebreate the Denver Union Station opening, stated Mr. Williams.  We presented great product information on Honeywell Building Automation Systems, Assa Ablo access products, and Security Guard Services.

American Automation officers spent over 1,825 days protecting Denver Union Station.  And, as stated by Tim Mackin, PM of Kiewit Construction — American Automation did the best job ever, hands down!





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