Construction Cam: Denver Union Station Provided by American Automation

Posted on: December 1st, 2013 by Lisa Buckley No Comments

When American Automation was approached by Management at Kiewit Construction to help their world-wide team have a better understanding of the Multi-Million Dollar Denver Union Station project, we were totally excited! “Basically we were challenged with providing a cost efficient means for Management to look at the project; from different angles; and use the information from updates to training at any time, “stated Chief Technical Officer Ishmail Buckley.” And remember, this was in 2009 and unlike today, Cams of any sort were still somewhat new o the construction scene. ” See

The challenge was met and a full design and installation was done for the Kiewit Management  — and has been working non stop since 2009!  It has clearly met the objectives of sharing key information — not only for Kiewit Management but also for other stakeholders such as RTD, and many others. The Earth Cam brand product was installed and has been maintained successfully by American Automation.  “We are proud to have been a part of this world class project,” stated Mr. Buckley

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